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Plasma Mini

The Plasma Mini uses needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology, which creates both positive and negative ions. These ions find and stick onto airborne particles and extract the life-sustaining Hydrogen bond from them, rendering them inactive and returning to the air as tiny water vapours or natural gases.

Traditional wearables utilize unipolar technology, specifically negative ions, which charge particles negatively causing them stick on to surfaces with a positive charge, like clothing, furniture, computer screens. In this case, particles are not eliminated, but pushed away, and can easily re-enter the wearer’s breathing space with a change in air flow.

In addition to the Plasma Mini, you will get a white silicon neck strap, a USB Type-C charging cable, a cleaning brush, and an instructional manual.

We recommend cleaning your Plasma Mini once every two weeks. Over the course normal use, small particles like dust and/or hair may accumulate in the fan. Click here for instructions on how to clean your device.

No, the Plasma Mini does not filter air coming into the device, instead positive and negative ions are created using a needlepoint bipolar ion generator to kill airborne contaminants.

The Plasma Mini houses a 1,200mAh lithium polymer battery which lasts approximately 500 full charge cycles, similar to today’s smartphones.

Plasma Go

The Plasma Go uses two different purification technologies.

1. Needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology, which creates both positive and negative ions to proactively neutralise airborne pathogens. The ions work together to find and stick onto airborne particles and extract the life-sustaining Hydrogen bond from them, rendering them inactive and returning to the air as tiny water vapours or natural gases.

2. Germagic Filter is filter with a special coating that not only reacively captures pathogens passing through, but neutralises them. This advanced coating enables a triple-killing action whereby pathogens are eliminated on contact. As the filter's surface fills up, it drops these neutralised pathogens into deeper layers of the filter. Once the filter is completely full, the coating releases a compound that can even neutralise pathogens passing through.

Traditional air purifiers are meant to clean the air by trapping pathogens in the filter, but they can be active on the filter. The Plasma Go uses two proven methods to completely eliminate pathogens whether they're in the air or passing though.

The Plasma Go comes with the main device, along with a Go Filter, a portable Battery Pack, and a USB-C Charging Cable. In addition a Cupholder Insert is included for in-car use.

It is recommended to replace the filter once every 2 to 3 months. Once opened, the Germagic coating on the filter is activated, so the more it is replaced, the more effective the filter will be.

Yes that can be done. Turn off the ions by double tapping the Touch Control.

You can also choose to use the ion feature only by removing the Go Filter. This will enable faster, more powerful airflow to push ions further into your breathing space.

The Plasma Go is intended for smaller volumes such as in a car, at your desk, by your bed, and anywhere a personal clean air bubble is required. It is not intended to replace large air purifiers or to clean the air of an entire room.

With the Battery Pack attached, the Plasma Go can last anywhere between 6 to 11 hours depending on your Fan Speed setting and the air quality around you.


Yes, both the Plasma Mini and Plasma Go produces minimal ozone, not harmful to humans. According to the FDA, indoor medical devices like air purifiers produce no more than 0.05 ppm and EPA’s Nation Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone is a maximum 8 hour average outdoor concentration of 0.08 ppm. The Plasma Mini upper limit of ozone production is 0.008 ppm, and the Plasma Go produces 0.002ppm, well within the health standards.

The Plasma Mini is strictly for airborne contaminants near the wearer’s breathing space. The Plasma Go is meant for personal spaces. Particles like viruses can be transferred in many other ways i.e. surfaces, saliva, physical contact with infected persons, which the device cannot protect against. Therefore, we recommend you follow the mask policies instituted by your local government.

This is common misconception brought upon by articles with no credible source(s). The presence of positive and negative ions are found in places with clean, pristine air like mountain tops as well as in polluted cities. The key difference is the lower concentration in urban areas. Many articles associate the feeling of unpleasantness, like before a big storm, as a result the positive ions in the air, however this air is also rich in negative ions.


Yes, once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with your our tracking information.

We ship to almost everywhere in the world except (i) in areas where QUAIR has a local sole distributor, (ii) in areas where there are import restrictions of our product category (i.e. air purifiers) (iii) in areas where our courier does not service, and (iv) in the case of a force majeure event.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at the moment.

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All QUAIR products come with one-year warranty. To obtain your warranty, click here.

QUAIR’s limited warranty covers normal use and does not include tampering, mishandling, neglect, accidental damage, modification, and/or repair done to the QUAIR product by anyone other than authorized QUAIR service personnel.

Yes, if you decide to obtain warranty, you will be responsible for shipping your faulty device to us. If eligible for warranty, we will send you a brand new device free of charge.

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