What is Germagic™ Coating?

A technology developed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) that utilizes smart Multi-level Antimicrobial Polymers (MAP-1) to effectively kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This coating provides lasting protection and disinfection for a wide array of surfaces.

How does it work?

When paired with our HEPA13 filter, the coating activates three layers of air purification:

1) Contact Killing - The coating is made up of nano-capsules containing a blend of antimicrobial polymers. When making contact with a viral particle, the coating punctures the particle's outer shell and releases thyme oil to render its cell membrane inactive.

2) Anti-Adhesion. As neutralised particles accumulate on the filter’s surface, the coating drops inactive particles into deeper layers of the filter (leaving more room for contact killing).

3) Release Killing. Once the filter is full, the Germagic coating control-releases small amounts of antimicrobial biocides into the air; these biocides spread to eliminate viral particles in their path.

GermagicTM Filter

Breaks down harmful particles on contact

Utilizes three ways to eliminating viruses

Stays safe when its filter is replaced as viral particles are inactive


Traditional Filters

Does not break down any particles at all

Simply filtrates particles of varying sizes

May be unsafe when replacing filter due to active viral particles

Features Germagic™