QUAIR was created amidst the 2020 global pandemic when three colleagues felt that something as simple as seeing one another in person was not possible. We asked ourselves one question “How can we see our family and friends SAFELY as the world opens back up?”

Our Journey

Starting Fresh

Staying at home, taking meetings online, avoiding human contact was never something that we thought we’d experience. And while we could’ve waited it out, we didn’t! We chose to find a solution for our family and friends by consulting air purifier experts and designers to learn about how we can better protect everyone around us. And the end result was QUAIR.

Design Meets Effectiveness

There’s only one criteria that the products we create must have – whether our family and friends would use it everyday. That’s why we focus on integrating the best innovations in air purification along with designs that are practical and look good when we’re using it.

Crowdfunding Journey

QUAIR was first introduced and funded on renowned crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Thanks to our supportive Backers, the Plasma Mini came to life only 2 months after the campaign was launched. The mission was to get our product out to everyone as quickly as possible.

Always Collaborating

As we become more aware of what’s in air we breathe, and fight the battle towards a healthier, cleaner future, we continue to expand our team. From our day one experts and family and friends to our Backers and YOU, we continue to work together to create new electronics that protect us in the ‘new normal’.