What is Plasma Ion Technology?

Otherwise known as Bipolar Ionization, it’s a process that creates a mixture of positive and negative ions. When released into the air, these ions fully break down airborne contaminants — rather than merely pushing them aside.

How does it work?

1) The air purifier sends small electric charges through internal needle-like bristles.

2) These charges convert nearby oxygen (O2) and moisture (H2O) into positive (H+) and negative (O2- & OH-) radicals.

3) The fan propels these radicals to interact with airborne particles.

4) When they come into contact with a toxin, the positive and negative radicals work together to naturally draw out the toxin’s Hydrogen.

5) Without Hydrogen, these toxins can no longer reproduce and survive. Instead, they are stabilized and converted into air moisture and natural gases.

Is it safe?

We have undergone rigid testing to make sure the answer is YES. 

Reason being: A concern with Plasma Ion technology is the byproduct creation of ozone. 

According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the ozone output of indoor medical devices must fall under 0.05ppm. As you can see to the right, all Quair products using Plasma Ions produces ozone well within recommended health standards.

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Nature’s solution

Guess where we see the highest levels of positive & negative ions? High elevation areas (mountains) and water sources (beach shores).

Bipolar ions created via sunlight, lightning, and rushing water are nature’s solution to cleaning the air. And when we move from nature to urban areas, we see a significant drop in ion concentration.

Plasma Ions

Break down pathogens into moisture and gases natural to the air

Reduce VOCs through oxidation

Used by Quair


Negative Ions

Push away pathogens, which stick onto positively charged surfaces like clothing

No significant effect on VOCs

Used by most air purifiers

Features Plasma Ions