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Plasma Go

Your all-day air purifier

Color: Pure White
  • Advanced Germagic™ HEPA13 filter
  • Toxin-killing plasma ion technology
  • Portable & endlessly convenient
  • One button, full control
  • Adjustable airflow rotation
  • Battery life up to 11 hours
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1 Year Warranty

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Packing Power

Long-lasting battery pack means no more hassling with outlets

At Your Service

Direct your clean air with the rotatable top & fan speed settings

Keeping an eye out

Monitor air quality in real time with the easy-read AQ display

Taking a Joy Ride

An attachable insert ensures 100% efficiency, even from inside a cupholder

Germagic™ filters are effective safeguards against bacteria, fungi, and viruses — including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), avian flu, swine flu, & Middle East respiratory syndrome.

Here’s how its triple-killing action works:

Contact killing image
Contact Killing

Infused with MAP-1 coating, the outer layer neutralises pathogens on contact

Anti-adhesion image

Neutralised pathogens fall into deeper layers, freeing space for the outer layer

Release killing image
Release Killing

Once the filter’s full, another inner compound activates to neutralise toxins passing through

Filter eliminates

0 %

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)

*Tested in accordance with U.S. EPA requirements using actual SARS-CoV-2 virus sample

Filter eliminates

0 %


*Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products on GERMAGIC (ISO 20743:2103)


0 %


*Particulate Matter elimination test conducted by SGS Hong Kong Limited


0 M

Positive & Negative Ions

*Ion count conducted by Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology & Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology Co

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